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message from sefh’s president

Dear colleagues,

It is an honour to address you all as the third-ever woman President of SEFH.

I would like my mandate to be inspired by the motto an extra dose, which hints at the development of new and exciting projects embedded in a new strategic plan, governed by the same values of transparency, evidence-based practices and internal and external collaboration and the same spirit of togetherness that characterized the previous term. We remain convinced that ensuring that hospital pharmacists are trained to the highest quality standards is essential for an optimal professional development, the achievement of the best health outcomes, and the smooth functioning of the health system we all need and deserve.

An extra dose also denotes the attitude with which the new Governance Board presents itself before SEFH’s membership. Indeed, we take on this challenge with an extra dose of commitment, an extra dose of excitement and an extra dose of enthusiasm to work for the advancement of our profession.

We have 25 finalist projects to guide us through our 2023-2027 term of office, during which we shall aim to address SEFH’s strategic goals with regard to patients, persons and the profession. In addition, we shall remain committed to furthering and consolidating the projects launched during the previous term as they were conceived based on the same principles we uphold. Needless to say, we shall lay great emphasis on the importance for hospital pharmacists to work sustainably and ensure patient security at all times.

SEFH brings together the vast majority of hospital pharmacists working in Spain, who regard their scientific society as a forum for personal enrichment and as a promoter of a more advanced, stronger and more visible profession. Over the years, SEFH has organized not only training and research activities, but has also encouraged the openness of intellectual inquiry and the venturing of pharmacists into novel domains, both in Spain and abroad.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all former SEFH Presidents as it is thanks to the hard work of generations of hospital pharmacists and their visionary and strategic thinking that our profession has become a truly avant-garde discipline, which keeps developing in a permanent quest for the best health outcomes for our patients.

I am committed to keep working indefatigably to advance the standards of the profession we all love.

As SEFH President, I hereby reaffirm my commitment with supporting all of you in your endeavours to take our profession to the highest quality and excellence standards.


Cecilia Martínez Fernández-Llamazares