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An ethical framework for a better world

Why is an ethical framework necessary?

After their long-term adherence to the Spanish Pharmaceutical Ethics Code, which binds all pharmaceutical professionals, SEFH and FEFH believe it is their responsibility to establish a series of norms aimed at laying down the ethical principles governing access to funding and participation in actions related to the foundational principles of both scientific institutions. For that reason, we entrusted SEFH’s Bioethics and Clinical Ethics Workgroup with developing an ethical framework that we can use a basis for our activities.

This new ethical framework seeks to promote a new moral culture based on a renewed shared responsibility across the whole organization.

What is the new ethical framework all about? Goals and scope of application.

The new ethical framework consists of a series of guidelines aimed at regulating the conduct of SEFH and FEFH as scientific institutions. The guidelines are grounded in the ethical values that lie at the heart of SEFH and FEFH, of the Spanish Pharmaceutical Ethics Code and of the pharmaceutical profession’s ten-point best practice framework.

The goal is to share the new ethical framework will all SEFH members as well as with patents, sponsors, governments, other scientific societies, and with society as a whole.

The scope of application of the present ethical framework extends to all SEFH members and, particularly, to the society’s senior officials, members of SEFH’s Governance Board, FEFH’s trustees and the technical personnel and suppliers engaged by SEFH/FEFH. Members of patient associations, public and private administrations and other scientific societies are also among the addressees of our ethical framework.

The present report is addressed to all SEFH/FEFH members. All of them shall at all times implicitly take the Society’s official position and uphold the highest standards of professional ethics.

Ethics and sustainable development

One of the sustainable development goals requires organizations to avail themselves of effective good governance and transparency tools. For that reason, we made a point that the launch of our Ethical Framework be the first action of our 2023 +SOStenible project.

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Activities and indicators

SEFH activities

  1. Dissemination of SEFH/FEFH’s ethical framework across various channels.
  2. Organization of a webinar on the ethical framework.
  3. Statement on SEFH/FEFH’s commitment with respecting and upholding human rights.

SEFH indicators

  1. Impact of the dissemination of SEFH/FEFH’s ethical framework across the different channels.
  2. Publication of SEFH/FEFH’s statement on their commitment with human rights.
  3. Number of participants in the webinar.


  1. Dissemination of SEFH/FEFH’s ethical framework
  2. Dissemination of SEFH/FEFH’s statement on their commitment with human rights.


  1. Impact of the dissemination of SEFH/FEFH’s ethical framework across each HPD’s channels
  2. Impact of the dissemination of SEFH/FEFH’s statement on its commitment with human rights across each HPD’s channels

SEFH/FEFH’s ethical framework: introductory webinar

Olga Delgado Sánchez - SEFH President.
Dolores Barreda - Pharmacy Department. Virgen de la Luz General Hospital, Cuenca.

Team in charge of the January initiative under the 2023 +SOStenible project: Olga Delgado, Dolores Barreda and Borja Gitrama..