The Project

In January 2022, the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacists (SEFH) adhered to the United Nations’ Global Compact. SEFH is the first scientific society to join the Global Compact, the world’s widest-ranging corporate sustainability initiative, with over 14,000 corporate and 4,000 non-corporate members.

Our adhesion to the Global Compact is testament to our commitment to support and implement the Compact’s Ten Principles, which concern areas such as human rights, workers’ rights, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption in all its forms.

For that reason, SEFH shall throughout 2023 spearhead its 2023 +SOStenible Project, which involves 12 specific actions, one per month, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose is to collaborate with the fulfilment of the 2030 agenda as a scientific society on behalf of each of our members.

The 12-action program includes several activities closely related to the daily work of SEFH and Spanish hospital pharmacy departments. Such activities will be simple and easy to apply by SEFH and, to a greater or lesser extent, by all Spanish hospital pharmacy departments, and will be designed to raise awareness about SEFH’s work and about its impact on society.

With this project, SEFH sets its sights on the present but also, particularly, on the future and on the commitment of the hospital pharmacy profession with the improvement of the health outcomes of individuals and of society as a whole. We want to be a part of the change towards a better life for one and all.

2023 +SOStenible project

2023 +SOStenible project: Introductory webinar

CHAIR: Olga Delgado Sánchez - SEFH President.
SPEAKER: Reyes Abad Sazatornil - Pharmacy Department. Virgen de la Luz General Hospital, Cuenca.