The project

Since 2014, the SEFH has been working intensely to attend to and understand the present and future needs of outpatients, both in healthcare, as well as in teaching and research, and in which the hospital pharmacist is involved and exercises leadership.

As a result of this work, over the last 9 years it has been possible to develop a strategic map that brings together documents that define the actions to be promoted and developed by the Pharmacy Services at the macro, meso and micro levels to establish the ideal framework that promote and value the contribution of Hospital Pharmacy to obtaining measurable health results, particularly in terms of the needs derived from the increase in the number of outpatients and their complexity. In addition, it makes it easier for the hospital pharmacist to carry out his role in an excellent way, evolving in a way that anticipates the challenges posed by the present and future needs of this type of patient.

Thus, in recent years, a new Pharmaceutical Care model (CMO) has been redefined and proposed whose pillars correspond to these needs. Care stratification models, integration documents in multidisciplinary teams, clinical practice guides adapted to different pathologies have been developed, the foundations have been laid for non-face-to-face pharmaceutical care (telepharmacy) and, furthermore, in line with quality and rigor. . which has always guided this project, a pioneering standard has been developed to certify the quality of care provided to patients in the Outpatient Clinics of the Hospital Pharmacy Services (QPEX).

Furthermore, to agree on the progress of the project in a joint and collaborative manner, two consensus conferences have been held (Madrid-2016 and Bilbao-2023) and two situation surveys (2016 and 2021).

And so, in 2024, 10 years after its start, the project is still underway, with the same collaborative and participatory approach that we consider to be a key factor for the success of the project and with much work still to be done.

The overarching goal of the MAPEX Project is
to place patients at the very center of hospital pharmacy.

Summary presentation of the 2024-2027 project

Summary presentation of the 2014-2021 project