This Certification Manual for Outpatient Units is the collective result of a new collaborative initiative from the MAPEX project. This document will play a key role in the next few years in supporting and encouraging hospital pharmacists in implementing a new professional model based on transforming, rather than changing, current practice. The manual is the result of collaborative work and draws on the experience of a group of SEFH members, each with their own clinical perspective, who have worked with as much rigor as possible to put together the indispensable ingredients to achieve and maintain the highest standards of care based on the latest evidence available. The goal is to achieve the highest health outcomes possible and provide patients and all the professionals around us with a faultless pharmacotherapeutic experience in line with the most current international standards.

This pioneering, first-in-its-class initiative, which will undoubtedly serve as an international example of exceptional pharmaceutical care, is based on culture of permanent renewal and collective involvement.

We encourage every hospital to participate in the certification process. We have no doubt that determination, rigor, hard work and continuous improvement will be rewarded by high levels of professional growth, beneficial to individuals, hospitals and our profession as a whole.

Obligatorio Básicos Medios Avanzados
No Certificación UPEH <100% <70%
UPEH Básico 100% ≥70%
UPEH Medio 100% 100% ≥70%
UPEH Avanzado 100% 100% 100% ≥80%